Energy efficiency workshop and MEC 11

16th -20th November 2015

GRT Grand Hotel , Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



IEA CCC is pleased to announce a new and exciting combined conference and workshop to be held in Chennai. India, from 16-20th November 2015. This event will combine a one-day workshop on Energy Efficiency and Emission Challenges for India (co-hosted by the US State Department) with the three-day 11th annual Mercury Emissions from Coal workshop, co-hosted by BHEL, which will expand to encompass a more multi-pollutant ethos this year. Both meetings will look at emissions of all micro-pollutants to air, not just mercury. The MEC workshop will include a site visit to a local Indian coal-fired power plant. Back to back with the workshops, a meeting of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Coal Partnership Area will be held. The meeting will provide an update on the Minamata Convention on Mercury and related project work. The full-week activities will thus take on the following format:

Monday 16th November - 1 day meeting on Energy Efficiency and Emission Challenges for India. Co-hosted by IEA CCC and US State Department.

New, specially written reports will be presented looking at the specific challenges faced by the Indian coal sector in terms of coal quality, combustion efficiency and emissions control. The workshop agenda will offer basic training on mercury emissions monitoring and guidance will be provided on the use of the iPOG - a free computer calculation tool which can predict mercury emissions from coal combustion on a plant-by-plant basis and provide insight to the most appropriate control strategies. A letter to confirm completion of this training can be provided. The afternoon will comprise a round table discussion between utilities, regulators, government, academia, NGOs and commerical companies to facilitate discussion of the potential for moving forwards towards cleaner coal use in India and SE Asia.

This meeting is free to attend but may be limited in capacity - priority for attendance will be given to Indian and SE Asian delegates and to those registered for the MEC meeting. All materials and catering will be provided free of charge to registered delegates. Please register via the registration link on this website (this registration link should be live by the end of August).

We are not seeking abstracts or presentations for this meeting but we do hope that registered delegates will be prepared to share relevant information during the workshop discssions.  

Tuesday 17th - Thursday 19th November - MEC workshop: Mercury emissions from coal. Co-hosted by IEA CCC and BHEL.

MEC will comprise two and a half days of workshop to discuss mercury and combined pollutant control from coal combustion. This will include issues such as coal chemistry, control technologies and reduction strategies, legislation and policy, emission inventories and solid/liquid media containment and control. As always, MEC will include discussions on evaluating, understanding and controlling emissions of mercury from the coal combustion sector. However, it is hoped that MEC11 can concentrate on the issue as it is most relevant to mercury in growing Asia - how to control emissions from a vibrant and growing population in an effective and economic manner. The UNEP Minamata Convention is already resulting in a flurry of signatures and ratifications and countries have started to collate their emission inventories and proposed National Action Plans. Asia represents a potentially huge emerging market for future emissions control technologies. We therefore welcome abstracts on any area relevant to mercury control from coal cleaning and plant operational changes through to enhanced co-benefit effects and mercury-specific flue gas treatment systems. Abstract submission opens on May 1st and closes on September 18th 2015.

The registration fee for MEC11 is set at €400. This fee ensures that MEC is run in a cost effective manner. IEA CCC is not-for-profit and therefore the registration fee is used to cover the cost of running the meeting - venue, materials, catering (coffee breaks and lunches) and the gala dinner are all included in the registration fee. MEC is expected to draw experts from around the world, regularly being attended by delegates from over 24 countries. This year's location should also draw a more local attendance from growing coal-using nations such as India, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Vietnam. 

Thursday 19th November - afternoon. UNEP Mercury Control from Coal Combustion Partnership Area meeting. Co-hosted by IEA CCC and UNEP.

The UNEP Mercury Control from Coal Combustion Partnership Area meeting is open to all. Information will be presented on the project work carried out by the partnership as well as an open discussion of the draft of the BAT/BEP (best available technology/best environmental practice) guidelines being worked on in support of the Minamata Convention. Potential new projects and activities for the partnership will also be discussed. Attendance may be limited and priority will be given to those registered for the MEC meeting.

Friday 20th November - CANCELLED - Site visit to a local Indian coal-fired power plant. 

Delegates will be refunded the cost of €30 paid to cover transport.

Why attend? 

India is going through a period of change - continue population growth and industrialisation means that energy is of paramount importance. Coal is a major source of power in India and this is unlikely to change in the near future. Although India faces a challenge in terms of air quality, new emission standards are currently being discussed which are at levels equivalent to those set in China and Europe. This means a significant amount of work ahead for the energy sector but this will also open up a new thriving industry for efficiency improvements and emissions control. This is likely to apply across the whole of the coal sector - from mining and coal handling, through to plant performance and flue gas cleaning. The emerging marketplace in India will be vast. However, this meeting will not focus enturely on India - invited guests from Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and other SE Asian countries will be present to provide information on issues relating to neighbouring countries. 

This meeting will bring together the major players in the coal industry from around the world. The meeting will be unique in that it will bring governmental bodies such as the US State Department, UNEP, academia, regulators, local authorities, utilities and commercial companies. We hope to facilitate an unprecedented amount of open discussion between the major players in the SE Asian coal industry.

Why not sponsor?

As always, our meetings are run in a non-profit manner - registration covers our basic venue, catering and operating costs. In order to make the meeting more memorable and enjoyable for our guests, we would welcome sponsorship. IEA CCC and BHEL would be happy to hear from potential sponsors who may wish to increase their presence at the meeting by hosting lunches, coffee breaks, or the gala dinner. Please get in touch with for more details.




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